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Michelle Edwards, PhD

Licensed Psychologist, Certified Mediator

Hi, I'm Michelle Edwards. I'm glad you found your way here. I offer divorce mediation as a holistic, affordable alternative to costly litigation. At times, despite great effort, couples find that their best path is separation. I specialize in working with couples who have decided to divorce and who want an amicable, affordable solution.


My own experience with divorce led me to specialize in helping couples through this process. My husband and I decided to divorce many years ago, and we wanted a peaceful solution to an already difficult situation. Even though our relationship was coming to end, we did not want to fight through attorneys, or lose thousands of dollars when we knew we could work through an agreement. We have two wonderful children and wanted our separation to have the least impact on them. We wanted to work together to put their needs first. With my background in mediation and knowledge of the divorce process, I realized I could help other couples who want a sensible divorce solution. I have now helped many couples through this process and find it rewarding to give people the dignity to work out solutions that fit their situation. Mediation can help couples reduce animosity and save money. I feel strongly that in most cases, divorce mediation is the best way to separate.


I became a Certified Mediator in 2003 through the UT Project on Conflict Resolution while completing my Masters in Social Work. There I completed the Graduate Portfolio Program in Dispute Resolution.  I completed my doctorate from the APA accredited Counseling Psychology program and have focused my work on collaborative mediation since.  I have completed numerous family mediation trainings including the Advanced Divorce Mediation Certification program. I am on the Board of the Austin Mediators’ Association and am a member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators. In addition to my private mediation practice, I provide volunteer mediation services at the Austin Dispute Resolution Center.​

I have two teenagers that keep me very busy. When I am not spending time with them, I enjoy swimming, yoga, reading, and dancing.

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